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The Painter's Pouch | Roller Inside Pouch

Professionals say the two highest costs of a painting project are:

Paint and Labor

A tool that helps painters reduce wasted paint and saves time, The Painter’s Brush & Roller Pouch™ is
designed to store a wet brush or roller while painters take a break from painting.  By eliminating the need to wash out applicators mid-project, painters waste less paint, spend more time painting and less time cleaning up.  And to a pro… time is money.The Painter's Pouch fits brushes up to 5 inaches and rollers up to 9 inches.

We built upon a simple “secret” that many pros already know… store a wet applicator in the freezer in a plastic bag.  But plastic bags are not sized for wide brushes and rollers, zip-lock closures aren’t air tight, and most painting job sites don’t have freezers.  Also, paint and home improvement stores don’t sell plastic storage bags in the applicator aisles.  Painters need a simple, low-cost and effective way to store wet brushes and rollers; sometimes over lunch, sometimes overnight or sometimes over the weekend.

The Painter’s Pouch™ is that paint sundry tool, with significant advantages over “ordinary” heavy-duty freezer bags at about the same cost.  The air tight closure prevents dry-out and keeps applicators ready for immediate use for hours, days, even weeks.



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