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The Painter's Pouch | Roller Inside Pouch


The Painter's Pouch™ worked VERY WELL for my paint brushes that were used in my recent project.  I removed these brushes from The Painter's Pouch™ a full week after painting and they were still moist enough with paint to return to painting immediately.  In my case, cleaning the brushes was that much easier as the paint had not hardened into the brush.  - Neil T., Florida


I paint homes professionally, and use a sprayer on many of our projects.  Recently I purchased The Painter's Pouch™ at Farrell-Calhoun and used it to store and clean my spray tips.  Not only was cleaning easier than ever, it saved so much time and we were able to complete the job as scheduled. - Arturo V., Tennessee


We just received our initial order of The Painter's Pouch™ in and these things are great. It's a very useful product. We put a wet roller with frame in a pouch on our counter to drive interest and people get it right away. - Dan D., The Home Beautiful, New Hampshire



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